August 7-11

Reptile Week-  All crafts and activities will be reptile and their habitat inspired.  We will have a visit from Eric from Eastern Exotics and their beautiful animals.  He will bring a tagu, a 13 foot python, a crocodile, a small snake, a bearded dragon and a leopard gecko.  Embrace your inner WIld Kratt! 

August 14-18

Barnyard Palooza-  All things farm and barn inspired.  We will have a little farming souvenir the kids worked on themselves by the end of the week.  Kim from the Baryard will be bringing her crew of rabbits, small chickens, ducks, young turkeys, and a young sheep.   

August 21-25

Moana this is a Blastastic -   With really fun science based crafts and activities, (Can we say a game of hot lava?)  this week will focus on outerspace and the planet earth.  We are going to talk about how to protect our planet, living more green, and  where our food and everyday products come from.  This is a week geared for the budding explorers, astronauts, and environmental enthusiasts !

August 28-Septemer 1

Back to School Says Who-  School is back in session, but not for EVERYONE.  For us its party time!!  For all those little ones who aren't in any program and arent old enough to be in kindergarten, this week is for you!  We will party all week long and also make your family members a beautiful gift!