Stay and Play and Drop Off Care

All of the areas are open for parents/ grandparents to enjoy with their children and drop off care is available for potty trained children 3 years and up.   We will have a toddler area for those little ones not quite walking yet to play safely as well.  

Playset FInal.jpg


Custom indoor Playset

Our indoor playset is 100% Made In USA.  The wood is Atlantic Birch out of Rockport Maine.  The set itself was 100% customized by me and manufactured in Maine.  It is about 17 feet long from end to end and at the widest slide about 6 feet deep .  It includes a fire pole, various hideaways and tunnels with doorways, rock climbing geared for yournger kids, a monkey bar set,  2slides, and a pulley.  There are telescopes and steering wheels to further stimulate the imagination.

Pretend Play and Science Loft

Pretend Play Area and Mechanics/Science fun

On the opposite side of the playset there is a 2 story custom made loft structure.  On the bottom we will have a couple sections that are for pretend play and will rotate different themes every couple of months,   Via a  wooden ladder you can access the top part of the loft which will offer a reading area and various mechanical and science driven play such as magnetics, marble runs, gears, and microscope exploration. 

Outdoor Area

We have a fantastic fenced in outdoor area with plenty of  seating and play space in the shade for those hot afternoons.   When you walk through our gate you will see an obstable course that consists of oak tree stubs placed at different heights, a balance beam, and some cones and hoops to move at the imagination of the course runner.  There will be a cedar playset and pretend house, a fossil pit with fossil dirt from Aurora Fossil Museum ( We also added a couple gems and fossils of our own) .  We constructed a  large raised garden beds with planting table to learn about growing our own food and a  kid sized raised bed to explore the senses in dirt.