My name is Jenn Conceicao.  Originally I am from Massachusetts, however from 2004-2015 I lived in San Diego, and most recently here in Cedar Point, NC.  I went to Bentley University in Waltham,MA and majored in International Studies and Minored in Management and Spanish. I love to travel the world and keep busy with my llittle guy.  I guess you can say San Diego is where my dream began. Maybe you can say it all started due to a kiss because I can 100% say if it wasn't for meeting one very special man I would not be where I am now.  I would be working at a corporation 100% satisfied with being a doggy mom and 75% satisfied as a working professional which is where I maintained employment in a few large corporations from 2004-2012 as a business development manager.

I met my current husband Hernani in San Diego through a mutual friend.  We became friends pretty easily and started to date a few years after we met.  In 2012 I became pregnant with our son.  We got married and my life forever changed when our son was born.  My son hypnotized me and I wanted nothing more than to be there to nuture and protect and help him grow and develop.  I knew I could not work in sales the way I had previously and I stayed home with him for 4 1/2 beautiful years.  During those 4 1/2 years my husband and I have been fortunate enough to give him many wonderful and worldy experiences through childrens art,music, and swim classes, zoo's, travel, and various childrens activities and musuems.  I loved that part of our day and the culture and lust for learning it cultivated in him.  I knew when he turned about 10 months old that my calling was to open a place that would provide that for him and other children.  It wasn't until I moved here to Cedar Point, NC that the timing was right to actually make my business dream come true.   The children here are so pure and sweet.  They are fortunate to have beach and nature and parents that are loving and I am here to add to their childhood and provide something different that I feel Cedar Point needs.   And here I am.