Ages 2-3 -Art for the beginning artist.  We will work on strengthening the wrist and motor movement.  We will use larger crayons, larger brushes, markers and fingers.    We will concentrate on art that allows for expression and fun with texture, colors, and shapes while fine tuning those motor skills!  Art will be based on a different theme each week.  Parents must be present

Ages 4-5  We will be cutting, pasting, painting, collaging to name a few.  This class will focus on continuing to encourage communication of what they are drawing, painting, or pasting to the world in which they live in.  The theme and medium will change every week.  

Ages 6-9 -Supplement School Art by enrolling your son or daughter in this after school art class.  We will pick up where school left off.  Projects will include some more complex crafting and explorations of texture and creating some very cool pinterest inspired work!  It will impress the growing artist in your elementary school student.

If there is interest in art classes for children 9 and over please reach out, I will gladly add a class!



Explorations in Science

Age 3-5 -We will be concentrating on science to become more aware of the world around them and how and why things work.   Simple experiments and lessons on nature and every day living that is explained through science.  ie:  baking soda volcano, paper plate sundial and galaxy in a jar to name a few.

Ages 5-7  We will expand on the possibilities of science.  The more a child is introduced to science better problem soliving and reasoning are developed.  This age is perfect to enhance what elementary school is already teaching.  ie.. experiments on static electricity, how water is filtered, how we can collect rain water and repurpose it, simple machinery such as how to build a catapulte or lever. 

Ages 7-9  Mechanics, Magnetics, Weather, Acids vs Bases and More.  The possibilities for this age group are endless!  We will really get creative and fun with this age group.  They really are at the age to start truly enjoying science and we plan to enhance this love for learning every week.

Childrens yoga


Ages 3-5 -Due to the nature of this class we ask that your children be potty trained and that you drop them off for the 55 minute class.   Our own Ann-Marie from Ann-Maries Yoga will be practicing with all little yogis.  Her practice includes games, singing. and awareness of breath and body.  Children LOVE this class!